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Considerations & Appliance Selection for Seddon House

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By Dani Wales

When it comes to kitchens, there is more to plan than just the layout and cabinetry finishes, and whether or not you’re going to take the plunge and have natural stone benchtops.

Don’t get me wrong, these elements are super important when considering the space as a whole, but it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all and forget about the one thing that needs to be spot on for the kitchen to function properly, the appliances.


Kitchen Location

Kitchen location

Looking back at the Living Room from Kitchen/Dining areas

Looking back at the Living Room from Kitchen/Dining areas


I have read a lot of real estate marketing brochures and there has not been one that doesn’t draw attention to the kitchen appliances. It’s a huge selling point and often an indication of the overall quality of the home. I’m a big believer in getting the best that you can afford so that is why when it came time to select an appliance brand for Seddon House there were a number of factors to consider.

  1. Budget

Presently our home appliances are mostly (very appreciated) items from family and friends, so we knew we would be purchasing a complete household worth of appliances for the new home. Accordingly, our total appliance budget was set at around the $25,000 mark with leeway either side.

My partner and I had an idea of the completion value of the property and if we want to achieve that price range come sale time then we needed to ensure we had appliances that someone with that kind of budget would expect to see, and be impressed by.

  1. Cohesion

It was really important that our appliances had a cohesive look and feel and would sit seamlessly both in their design and placement with the chosen finishes for the cabinetry and benchtops in the home.

  1. Options

I’m the kind of person who makes up my mind on something and then changes it about ten times, so I knew that the brand we selected would have to have plenty of options to enable flexibility should a design change occur.

  1. Quality

It was important to me to feature products that were of excellent quality and offered something a little unique.


Proposed Kitchen Design

Proposed Kitchen Design

Proposed Kitchen Design

Proposed Kitchen Design


With all this considered I was confident I’d made the right decision with selecting the “Designed to Match” range of appliances by Fisher & Paykel.

The fun really began when it came down to selecting the items and I was so wowed by the brand as a whole I couldn’t wait to get to know each product inside and out.


They say the kitchen is the “Heart of the Home” and I wanted the Seddon House kitchen to have a heartbeat, so the appliance selection for this space was very important.

I’m not a big cook and I actually really struggle to find the motivation to cook, so I wanted to make cooking much more appealing and more enjoyable by having the right tools for the job.

I opted for an “appliance wall” in the kitchen design, so built-in oven/s were going to be the best fit. I don’t host large dinner parties so I was confident that I wouldn’t need anything bigger than a standard 60cm sized oven. I did however want to add a secondary oven to give a whole new dimension to my oven-based cooking. Lastly, I still needed the convenience of a microwave oven, as it is currently the most used appliance in our kitchen, second to our fridge. I’m confident this is the case in most busy households today.

60cm 11 Function Pyrolytic Built-in Oven | View here
60cm Built-in Steam Oven | View here
60cm Built-in Combination Microwave Oven | View here

Appliance Wall Formation including 11 Function Pyrolytic Built-in Oven, Built-in Steam Oven, Built-in Combination Microwave Oven, Built-in Coffee Maker & Warming Drawer.

Appliance Wall Formation including 11 Function Pyrolytic Built-in Oven, Built-in Steam Oven, Built-in Combination Microwave Oven, Built-in Coffee Maker & Warming Drawer.


We toyed with many locations for the cooktop when designing the kitchen space, however the most functional spot actually worked out to be the island bench. Many people are opposed to having a cooktop in the island, but I felt it was important for the overall integration and cohesion of the kitchen/dining and living room.

After using a 90cm five-burner cooktop for over a year now in our current house, there was no way I was going to revert back to a 60cm. Although we are building this home for ourselves and our current needs, we are also mindful that a larger family might reside there one day, therefore a 90cm cooktop would be important to ensure a functional, family friendly space.

90cm Gas on Glass Cooktop | View here.

Given the location of the cooktop, it meant we would need to find a suitable option for an island rangehood. Stainless steel is still the norm for rangehoods, however I really wanted the rangehood to almost disappear and not hinder the overall kitchen look and feel. My idea was to select a standard undermount rangehood and encase it in a stainless steel white powder-coated shell that would fasten to the ceiling above the cooktop. This meant that not only maximum functionality would be achieved, but the form would not be comprised either.

90cm Powerpack | View here.


Gas on Glass Cooktop & Powerpack Rangehood

Gas on Glass Cooktop & Powerpack Rangehood


A dishwasher is a must in any family household these days. No only can they more economical and sustainable than washing up by hand, but they are just so darn convenient. Having experienced the ease of use of the DishDrawer in an apartment we sold in 2014, I knew instantly that my preference would be to install one in Seddon House. It’s integrated into the cabinetry and provides the benefit of two independent drawers for added convenience.

Integrated Double DishDrawer™ | View here.

I’ve always wanted an integrated refrigerator in my own home, however it has only been a dream given the limited number of brands that sell this product. Fisher & Paykel were able to fulfill that dream. I didn’t know this initially so when I found out they had not one, but two options for integrated refrigerators I was beside myself. The Seddon House kitchen has a very clean, minimal aesthetic so the ability to hide the fridge behind the cabinetry in the appliance wall was the icing on the cake.

90cm Integrated Refrigerator | View here.


Integrated Double DishDrawer™ & Slide-in Integrated Refrigerator

Integrated Double DishDrawer™ & Slide-in Integrated Refrigerator


Additional Items
With the necessities ticked off, I had my eye on a couple of key companion products that would be sure to amp up the wow factor and offer something a little extra from your stock standard kitchen.

As an avid coffee drinker, I’ve been running with a very old, very manual small coffee machine for a number of years that is on its last legs. When I found out Fisher & Paykel also have a Designed to Match built-in coffee machine I just couldn’t resist. It was my intention that the coffee machine would sit perfectly inline with the other built-in appliances in the appliance wall and ensure symmetry in the design.

My final luxury item in the Seddon House kitchen was inspired by a cooking class I did at the Fisher & Paykel “Social Kitchen” popup cooking school in early 2015. The host for the day informed me that most restaurants serve their meals on heated plates because it made absolutely no sense to serve a hot meal on a cold plate. The dining experience would be immediately hindered and the food would cool quicker. This fact, plus the added memory of my dad warming our plates in the oven when I was a kid, confirmed that the final item in the Seddon House kitchen would be a warming drawer.

60cm Built-in Coffee Maker | View here
60cm Warming Drawer | View here

I have never had a proper laundry in my adult life, so it was an important design decision to build a dedicated laundry room complete with an additional toilet, linen cupboard, broom cupboard, sink, shoe drawer (for dirty work boots) and a separate washing machine and dryer. I have trialled the combined washer dryer option before and was not impressed so individual units were a must, especially as the space was large enough to accommodate this.

The chosen washer and dryer are the perfect pair both in their function and form.

WashSmart™ 8.5 kg | View here
8 kg Condensing Dryer | View here

WashSmart™ 8.5 & 8 kg Condensing Dryer

WashSmart™ 8.5 & 8 kg Condensing Dryer


The last piece of the Fisher & Paykel appliance puzzle for Seddon House came in the form of a BBQ. My partner and I are big entertainers in the warmer months and like to have a dedicated outdoor space to sit and relax with friends and family. When considering what we wanted for the outdoor space, we knew that zones would be the way to go. We decided on one zone for barbecuing and eating, and a separate sunken zone, for sitting and keeping warm by a fire pit.

Proposed Landscaping by Franklin Landscape & Design

Proposed Landscaping by Franklin Landscape & Design


As the outdoor entertaining space spills straight off the kitchen and dining room we wanted to ensure a seamless transition and drive a focus on bringing the indoors out, and vice versa.

36″ Built-in Grill | View here

36" Built-in Grill

36″ Built-in Grill


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