Bedroom Styling Tips for the Cooler Months

Bedroom Styling Tips for the Cooler Months

By Dani Wales

Changing the styling in your bedroom for winter is a simple way to avoid getting the winter blues about your home…

You know when you’re stuck inside because it’s cold and wet outside, but everything is the same inside so its not exciting? Well exciting it will be, because today I’m sharing my top three tips on “Bedroom Styling for the Cooler Months”, and just a heads up, it’s ALL about texture and warmth.

As you would have seen on Healthy Homes TV Australia today, we started with a very blank canvas that wasn’t terrible, but it definitely lacked character and warmth. Now most bedrooms I see around the country are much like this as many of us simply don’t have the time or money to spend on styling up our bedroom, but with some key pieces you can make some long lasting changes.

So buckle up, and get ready for some winter styling fun with Basic Habitat…

1. Explore your dark side // Darker colours with a warm base tone will instantly change the feeling of your room, and for the better! I like to layer darker colours underneath any throws, cushions or blankets that I may include. Keeping your base colour neutral will allow you flexibility to add pops of colour through your textiles and décor pieces. The quilt cover I selected for the bedroom styling segment on Healthy Homes was the Palamos Quilt Cover and Pillowcases by Spanish label Mikmax.

2. It’s all about texture // Introducing different textures with your bedding and decorative items will add a new dimension to your space. Tactile objects like marble, ceramic, raw stone and even different types of wools will ignite your senses and have wanting to work from your bedroom. I selected multiple textural elements for the bedroom stying segment including Chunky Knit Cushions, marble décor pieces for the bedsides, multiple different fabrics in the bedding and of course indoor plants. Another tip is to include a small timber stool or side table in the room and pile it with spare blankets that are within easy reach… texture and warmth!

3. Experiment with layers // Layering quilts, blankets, throws and cushions will not only keep you nice and toasty throughout the winter months but will also provide you with the opportunity to remove layers depending on the temperature. So it looks great, and is also functional! Layering will also naturally result in there being a variety of textures, so you’re essentially ticking two boxes at once. I used a throw and two blankets (that were all of a different fabric makeup) over my quilt cover as well as multiple layered pillows and cushions.

Products Featured in the Healthy Homes Winter Styling Segment:

On the Bed

  1. Palamos Quilt Cover — View here
  2. Palamos Pillowcases — View here
  3. Chunky Knit Cushions in Grey Granite — View here
  4. Linen Dot Cushion — View here
  5. Charlie Square Linen Cushion — View here
  6. Whitaker Linen Throw — View here
  7. Bobo Plaid — View here
  8. Benny Alpaca Blanket | Grey Stripe — View here
  9. “F.L.Y” Artwork by Sally Perrett — View here

On the Left Bedside

  1. Polished Brass Vase — View here
  2. Concrete Pot in Natural — View here
  3. Speckle Bowl | Seagrass — View here
  4. Flared Marble Dish — View here
  5. ‘Danish Art Prints – Art Versus Design’ Coffee Table Book — View here
  6. Gumnut Dip Pot — View here

On the Right Bedside

  1. Speckle Oversize Tumbler | Seagrass — View here
  2. 150g Luna Brass Candle | Island Fig, Cassis & Peach — View here
  3. Baby Noir Flared Marble Dish — View here
  4. Round Marble Trivet — View here

On the Stool

  1. Hudson Classic Blanket | Peach, Cloud, Grey & White — View here
  2. Barcelona Plaid — View here
  3. Benny Alpaca Blanket | Grey Stripe — View here
  4. Merchant Cup & Saucer | Charcoal — View here
  5. Chapter One by thankyou. — View here