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Colour advice from Interiors expert Shaynna Blaze for Taubmans

Colour advice from Interiors expert Shaynna Blaze for Taubmans
Colour advice from Interiors expert Shaynna Blaze for Taubmans
Colour advice from Interiors expert Shaynna Blaze for Taubmans
Colour advice from Interiors expert Shaynna Blaze for Taubmans

By Kate Cole

The co-host of The Lifetyle Channel’s award winning show Selling Houses Australia and judge on Nine’s The Block, Shaynna Blaze is more passionate than ever about spreading the message of how colour and design can change your life.

Shaynna BlazeIn addition to her various roles on fan-favourite renovation shows, Shaynna continues to inspire consumers to create a colourful change in their homes in her role as Taubmans Colour Creative Director and Brand Ambassador. Both trusted brands in the arenas of home improvement, Shaynna and Taubmans have worked together this year to develop and launch the new Taubmans Transformation Tools; a suite of clever digital tools will help DIYers with every step of their painting journey, from picking a colour, choosing the best product and preparing, to painting, cleaning up and styling the finished look.

Through a nationwide survey of 1,500 Australians, Taubmans uncovered that 47% of people feel that they lack the skills to accomplish a painting tasks as well as they’d like to, and 37% say that when it comes to painting and decorating, they need all the help they can get.

It’s with these insights in mind that Taubmans developed its online tools, making it easier than ever before for DIYers to accomplishing a professional-grade finish. The tools include the Taubmans ‘Paint Planner’, a bespoke step-by-step guide to help complete a painting project, a series of ‘How To’ videos hosted by Shaynna, and a ‘Paint Your Own Room Tool’; an easy way to visualise a colour in a space by uploading an image of a room and then digitally re-­colouring the walls to compare potential options.

These new tools have been released at just the right time for people to freshen up their homes for the warmer months. Shaynna says that this time of year is an important one, “to clean and cleanse your space physically, visually and emotionally”.

“The change of season is the perfect time to bring this spring/summer-inspired, fresh feeling into our homes and rejuvenate our space… you can breathe new life into your space and create your own home spring/summer transformation that will leave you feeling reinvigorated”.

When it comes to repainting this season, Shaynna has some on-trend tips. “Embrace crisp pastel tones that capture the change of the seasons and create a refreshing palette in the home. These trend colours will vary from soft pinks in peach and salmon hues, through to mint greens and deeper teals.  My five favourite Taubmans colours this spring/summer are Really Rose, Pink Clay Pot, Swordfish, Dancing Waters and Traveller”.


In terms of colour trends on the horizon, Blaze says, “We’re looking at a spectrum of edgy pastels and warm taupes and chocolates coming back into our interiors, but still with a grey and cool base”. She also says that “rose gold will be prominent for the next couple of years”.

Though there’s a wide array of great colours available this season, the colours that you select are dependent on the effect that you want to achieve in your space. “The rule to remember is that cool colours appear to recede, whereas warm colours seem to come towards you”, says Shaynna. “So to make a space seem bigger, use a cool colour on the walls, but to make a large room seem cosier, use warm colours”.

To the people who might be apprehensive about using a pink on an interior, Shaynna says that it is, a “surprisingly versatile” colour. “For a soft, subtle new look, pair Taubmans Pink Clay Pot with crisp white trims and cream textured soft furnishings. Or, for a stronger look, pair a pink, like Taubmans Really Rose, with shades of grey, like Taubmans Snow Goose or Metal Glow. Add smaller pops of black and splashes of rose gold metallic in accessories and furnishings for a dramatic finish. When using these tones it’s important to include plenty of white accents to balance the look”.

In terms of styling with either these warm or cool pastels, Shaynna says that they work best in combination with blonde oak furniture and flooring to accent the brightness of the hues.

After twenty years as the vanguard of interior design, Shaynna says that all trends are “cyclical”. “When I started the world was salmon, avocado and brass accessories… Interestingly, our new trend colours are modern versions of that palette and we’ve gone back to brass fittings with the additions of polished copper and rose gold”.

For less confident or first-time painters, Shaynna suggests, “You could opt to use a spring/summer colour palette in a condensed area like a reading nook, a study or dining room”.

There are also other fun and easy ways to revamp a space without painting the whole room. “For instant impact, paint two adjoining walls in your favourite spring/summer hue so that the colour wraps the room without overwhelming it. Painting just two adjoining walls is also a much simpler weekend project, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labour faster!”

You can always opt to paint a small piece of furniture or room feature in a new hue. Painting the side table in your bedroom is a great way to liven up the space, though Shaynna recommends that your bedding and cushions should feature hints of the colour you choose. “You can also add a surprising pop of spring/summer colour in your dining room by painting the legs of a timber dining table and chairs”. She also says that, “Small, simple updates like changing your cushions or swapping artwork can make a huge difference in a room”.

For the outside of your home, “there are two strong exterior colour trends that we’ll see emerge this season: deep bold hues and traditional neutrals. Deep, dark colours like Taubmans Bushrock, used on exterior walls with a contrasting white, such as Taubmans Akimbo”.

Or for a softer exterior scheme, “use a neutral, like Taubmans Taupe Stone, on your walls in combination with white trims in Taubmans Alpine Snow”.

Shaynna says it’s important to remember that “the colour of your walls can have a huge impact on both the physical appearance of a room as well as the emotional connection you can have”.

For her design inspirations, Shaynna says that she “observes nature and architecture
 constantly, but it’s watching people that gives me the biggest answers to things”. Blaze says that her major inspirations come from the candid moments of daily life.

Shaynna’s favourite aspect of her design process is problem-solving. “It keeps me awake at night, challenges my need to create something new… it pushes me to be better than my last design”. Shaynna’s thirst for the new is what keeps her so passionate about her work, and she says that her career highlight is, “always the next design”. She says that the world of interior styling and design is endless with possibilities, particularly with the transformative power of paint. “When you’re painting a space there are many tricks you can play on the eye by simply using the right colours.”

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