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Introducing :: Fantastic Frank

Introducing :: Fantastic Frank
Introducing :: Fantastic Frank
Introducing :: Fantastic Frank

By Kate Cole

Fantastic Frank are a real estate agency that go above and beyond what the term entails, and have earned an international fan base for their elegant interior styling and beautiful photography.  1 Fantastic Frank“At the start we did more extravagant styling” says co-founder Tomas Backman, “What we’ve learned over the years, howeve
r, is that the magic is in the details”.

Founded in 2010 by Backman, Mattias Kardell and Sven Wallén, Fantastic Frank now have two offices in Sweden and one in Berlin, and on the strength of their success are looking to extend their business overseas.

“We sell everything we put on the market, and we reach record prices almost every time. We believe that the reason for this is because we are true to the homes we sell. We don’t alter them with wide angles or standard home styling-stuff. We add just what is right, that detail that is missing”.

The secret to their success, says Backman, is in minutia. “When I look at our stuff, especially on a high res screen, I’m just blown away by the details in the styling and the post production of the images”.

Magazines like Kinfolk, Wallpaper* and Vogue Living provide Backman with inspiration for his work, and he’s also inspired by the stylishness of his native Sweden. “Stockholm people are very interior design interested, more than in the rest of Europe”.

13 Fantastic Frank

3 Fantastic Frank

Left — Photo Andy Liffner, Styling Thomas Lingsell / Right — Photo Emily Laye Inrednings, Styling Thomas Lingsell


Backman also says that this is changing, and that over the past five years he has observed a growing number of popular interior design blogs created in Britain, France, Poland and the Benelux countries. “We are right now looking on where to set up our next shop, and it would be interesting to consider Britain”. As for farther afield, Backman also expresses interest in Australia and says that, “If the right broker gets in touch with us we will come down!”

11 Fantastic Frank

Photo Joakim Johansson, Styling Josefin Hååg


4 Fantastic Frank

Left — Photo Anna Malmberg, Styling Josefine Hååg / Right — Photo Joakim Johansson, Styling Sofie Ganeva Simrishamnsvagen


The service that Fantastic Frank offers is unique in the market, and Backman is proud that Fantastic Frank hasn’t been branded by stereotypes about the real estate industry. “In many countries, people often hold very negative conceptions or perceptions of real estate agents”. He believes that they’ve overturned that stereotype with their diligence in presentation. “We don’t communicate like real estate agents do. That is, we don’t use wide angle images nor exclamation points. Normally real estate agents yell to get heard. We don’t yell, we put our energy into the presentation of the home that we’re selling”.

12 Fantastic Frank

Photo Joakim Johansson, Styling Emma Wahlmen


For the future, Backman says, “I’m looking forward to see Fantastic Frank in every metropolitan city in Europe. The plans are being worked out as we speak. In 2016 we’ll roll out our new franchise concept and we will start looking for people who want to join us”.