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Interior Stylist Bek Sheppard

Interior Stylist Bek Sheppard
Interior Stylist Bek Sheppard

By Kate Cole

Based in Melbourne, Bek Sheppard has worked as a stylist with some of Australia’s premier design brands including Kip & Co, Mexsii, Neutral Instinct, Oxley Butterworth and Fictional Objects.

Interior Stylist Bek Sheppard
Photograph by Michael Gordon Hill

Her style is characterised by her love of simplicity and bold imagery. “Colour and a passion for design inspire me to create.”

Before becoming a stylist and art director Sheppard worked as a visual merchandiser for small retailers across Melbourne. She began styling five years ago, and has owned her own business for the last two years. “I have a lot more knowledge and experience to implement into my work now. The early days for me were all about learning and developing my unique style”.

Sheppard finds inspiration for her bold, minimalist style in the work of many designers including Australian art director Marsha Golemac, US stylist Glen Proebstel and Australian artist Esther Stewart. “They all produce incredible conceptual work. Their own unique visual aesthetic is truly inspirational”.

Sheppard says that she enjoys the entire design process from beginning to end. “The first stages are very exciting as the creative ideas develop but to see it all come to life is just so rewarding and fulfilling”.

Sheppard’s daily routine varies as the scale and demands of her jobs vary, “but I usually start the day with a healthy brekky and emails. I then head to the studio, office or out on location. Once I’m on set with a soy cap in hand, I’ll brief my girls for the day, have a quick meeting with my client and the photographer and get cracking”.

“The days are usually pretty jam packed when we are shooting, there are lots of people building, shooting, prepping and of course styling, there’s also a lot of laughing and the creating of beautiful imagery”. It’s important to Sheppard to maintain a balanced lifestyle and she ends each workday with a gym session, yoga and meditation.

Left :: Photograph by Reuben Gates / Right :: Photograph by Derek Swalwell


As her career continues to accelerate she is focusing her attention on a future working internationally, and her career highlight was a recent project which she art directed and styled for a large global client.

“I love Danish and international Brands such as Hay Design, Menu and Bolia. I hope that my work will take me globally and that I will be fortunate enough to work alongside some of the great game changers of design. I’m always open to new challenges and love to share my knowledge and design aesthetic with new brands”.

Sheppard is always looking for the next creative challenge, and says that, “Building brand identities through imagery is what drives me as a creative and to be able to share that with a large audience is how I like to inspire”.

Bek Shepard - 2

Photograph by Reuben Gates


Article Slider Images :: Photography by Reuben Gates