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Introducing :: Interior Designer Sally Klopper

Introducing :: Interior Designer Sally Klopper
Introducing :: Interior Designer Sally Klopper
Introducing :: Interior Designer Sally Klopper

By Kate Cole

Sally Caroline Klopper graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior design in 2008 after studying part at Swinburne University and part at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Copenhagen.

1_sally_carolineKlopper’s interests have always been diverse and her electives included entrepreneurship, Italian, glass blowing, furniture design and woodwork. Throughout her life she’s had an interest in fine craftsmanship and adventure. “I have always travelled, inspired by a curiosity for languages, particularly Italian and French”.

“I always knew I wanted my own design studio, but knew I needed to develop as a designer and hone my skills first”. After graduation Klopper interned for Philippe Starck in London and worked for David Hicks and Kerry Phelan in Melbourne before taking the leap into her own business, Sally Caroline, in 2014. “Early on, it was just me on a laptop in my home office in St Kilda. It’s been a crazy, fun adventure since then”.

“The only way to describe business in these early phases, and even still now, is like a roller-coaster. Big wins and harsh lessons. Moments of pure elation and excitement seeing your work finished or published, contrasted by the hurdles of trying to get a business off the ground”.

Klopper says that her biggest inspirations for her work have come from world travel, and says that studying in Copenhagen “taught me the ethos of form following function”.  “I travel overseas as often as possible and photograph small moments or ideas that could inspire my work. This could be grand doors around Montenapoleone in Milan or the patterns in screens around New York to inspire a staircase balustrade. Sometimes I’ll see an intricate vintage ring and re-imagine it as a custom door pull for a client”.

The Interior Design Process by Sally Caroline.

Klopper’s studio is currently based in South Yarra, where she heads a team of three. “Each month we have a new highlight, each month we’re hitting a milestone”. Recently Klopper’s favourite blog, Dpages, published her Treetop Residence project. Her studio has also begun work on a new double block build in Sydney, one of her largest projects to date.

Treetop Residence

Treetop Residence


“The business is in a really fun place now with exciting projects in the pipeline in Melbourne and Sydney and some cool things happening in the digital world with our blog and Open Design Studio”.

Klopper recently founded Open Design Studio, a member’s only website with Klopper’s industry advice, resources, design templates and supplier lists to help members design their own projects. The courses are structured around weekly sessions where members are guided in selecting the colours, finishes, fittings and accessories that they respond to emotionally.

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“The idea of Open Design Studio was inspired by a couple of close friends who were designing and building their own homes” says Klopper. “They don’t want or need an interior designer in full capacity but are looking for practical advice to guide them through this daunting process. I wanted to create a product that communicated all that I had learnt after a decade in the industry”.


Klopper is excited to see the acceleration of her work and projects which reach out to her audience. She says that her favourite part of her work is walking through the spaces she’s spent months or years designing, which she describes as, “an incredibly moving experience”.  “Sometimes it give me chills with excitement and happiness, especially seeing families enjoying the spaces I’ve created”.