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Ivy Muse launches AW16 “HOMEBODY” Collection

Ivy Muse launches AW16 “HOMEBODY” Collection
Ivy Muse launches AW16 “HOMEBODY” Collection
Ivy Muse launches AW16 “HOMEBODY” Collection

By Dani Wales

Melbourne-based botanical wares studio IVY MUSE this week launched “Homebody”, its fourth collection of limited edition plant stands and botanical wares. 

7_ivy_muse“Homebody” includes seven Melbourne designed and made products and features simple forms and a gentle colour palette. It draws its inspiration from the way people live and interact with plants in their homes in today’s age. “We wanted to encourage people to make the most of greenifying the space they have at home, whether big or small,” explains cofounder Jacqui Vidal. “Homebody” is about bringing a fresh perspective to the way we engage with plants and really showcasing them within the home”, adds cofounder Alana Langan.

This collection sees the release of a brand new leather and powder coated steel plant hanger ‘Saturn’, the result of an exclusive collaboration with Melbourne-based leather craftsman Wootten. ‘Saturn’ is available in Black or White and is suitable for a variety of pot sizes and shapes.

“Homebody” comprises three brand new plant stands; each is available in Black and White as well as a limited edition colour unique to that design; ‘Willow’ (Glacier), ‘Cubby’ (Nude) and ‘Foundation’ (Pewter). ‘Cubby’ is also available in two sizes (Junior and Senior) and can be made into a stackable plant stand with the addition of ‘Cubby Leather Straps’, another collaboration with Wootten.


IVY MUSE ceramic ‘Table Tops’, which complement any IVY MUSE short plant stand, turning it into a side table or plant platform are now available in a brand new colour Onyx. Also new to the lineup is the ‘Plant Shelf’, which has been reissued with limited edition Brass brackets. Made from Vic Ash and powder coated steel, the shelf offers people flexible options for use as it can be easily flipped so the pot plant sits to the right or left. It also comes with a handmade porcelain pot and features grooves for displaying art.


IVY MUSE commissioned Victorian ceramicist Ana Maria Jensen to produce an exclusive range of handmade limited edition pots to complement the ‘Homebody’ range. Wheel-thrown from iron bearing stoneware, each pot has been combined with unique glazes to allow the clay to gently reveal its natural character. The pots are available in one size with two colour options (Powder White and Eskimo Grey).


As with every collection, each IVY MUSE product is designed to allow maximum flexibility in the many ways they can house plants and are suitable for a variety of pot sizes and shapes, encouraging people to get creative showcasing their greenery in and around the home.

IVY MUSE is the brainchild of longtime friends Jacqui Vidal and Alana Langan. Jacqui, founder of art retailer Signed & Numbered, together with Alana, interiors stylist and owner of online boutique Hunt & Bow launched the business with a mission to produce beautiful, functional botanical wares that encourage creativity with greenery.

Designed by Jacqui and Alana, IVY MUSE wares are made from steel for durability and strength then powder coated or copper/brass-plated to add beautiful lustre. They are made from start to finish by hand in Melbourne, Australia.


Photography by Annette O’Brien, Styling by Alana Langan.