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Meet The Creatives Behind Hunting For George

Meet The Creatives Behind Hunting For George
Meet The Creatives Behind Hunting For George
Meet The Creatives Behind Hunting For George

By Kate Cole

Jo Harris and Lucy Glade-Wright are the sister duo behind Hunting for George. Before HFG morphed into a full-time job for both of them, Harris worked as a nurse managing a team at the Alfred Hospital in Prahran, and Glade-Wright worked as a senior graphic designer for Knog.

HFG_profile_imageThey began HFG out of a spare bedroom in 2010 while both working their own full-time jobs, and have now built the business to the point of stocking their own original designs alongside those of other local and international designers. Harris runs the HR aspect of the business, liasing with suppliers and creating new business partnerships, while Glade-Wright works on design. “As with anything new, there were bumps in the road and stressful times” says Harris, of the early days of their business, “But we did put in a lot of time and effort through our initial sampling and that’s where most of the issues were addressed”

“We like to look outside our own industry for inspiration”, says Harris of their design process. “Often this is from personalities, fashion and we are especially influenced by colour as it creates strong emotional connections”. All of HFG’s furniture, prints and clocks are made in Melbourne, and their bedding is made in India. HFG have been with the one textile manufacturer since their first range, and have visited India twice to check out the facilities. “India is known for its amazing textiles” says Glade-Wright, “and we are really happy with our manufacturing facilities and quality of product out of India”.


HFG began manufacturing furniture after Harris was dissatisfied with all the products she saw while shopping for a bed for her son, Oliver. “There wasn’t really anything out there that she liked enough to invest in”, says Glade-Wright. “Instead she started sketching up a few ideas and together with her husband Tom they built a simple bed frame at his steel factory and finished the headboard off with a few left over floorboards from their home”. From there, Harris and Glade-Wright developed the design and expanded the range to include a queen bed, side table and bench.


The Hunting for George furniture range including a queen bed, side table and bench.


HFG are fastidious about the chain of supply down to the customer. “We are really proud that we have addressed all aspects of our product from design through to base materials, finishes and even our packaging”, says Harris.

Harris and Glade-Wright recently purchased a new warehouse space in Richmond to be their business HQ. The warehouse will double as an event space and showroom, opening later this year, and they are enthusiastic about the future. For Harris, her favourite part of the HFG process is when they’re shipping out products to customers.

“We love our customers… If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here”.