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Mikmax Barcelona


By Kate Cole

In 2007 Cristina Montaña’s career as a textile designer in the knitwear industry led her to found Mikmax, a bed-linen and textiles collection.
Montaña’s work studio is based in a rural area outside of Barcelona in a beautiful location surrounded by Mediterranean pine trees.

Cristina Montaña

All of Mikmax’s products are designed and handmade in Barcelona by Mikmax’s team, and are made out of high quality natural cottons and linens. One of Montaña’s motivations for working with these high quality fabrics was after seeing the allergic reactions that synthetic textiles evoked in her family. Montaña started to investigate using the hundred percent jersey cotton fabric that she currently uses to produce her bed linen.

4 Mikmax

2 Mikmax

Montaña loves to, “Investigate new fabrics, materials and finishes to create a collection different from all the ones on the market”. She achieves this with a mix of, “different fabrics, subtle colours and textures, creating a harmonious collection”.

Mikmax’s unique stone-washing effects are inspired by nature; stormy seas, natural stone, cloudscapes. The environmental is also a major concern for Montaña, who strives to create sustainable products through local, ethical production with low environmental impact. She says that her priority is, “Acting in the present time in a responsible way to deliver a good future to new coming generations”.

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In terms of her aesthetic, Montaña’s main objective with her work is to, “inspire serenity, peace and comfort” with a timeless design aesthetic. Mikmax’s simple, elegant designs have become so popular that they’re now being sold by 77 retailers in 18 different countries across Europe and Australasia. Montaña says that her career highlight so far has been working with these internationally recognised retailers from all over the world. “It’s very gratifying to sell the collection to these big companies” she says, “and to receive such great feedback as they become regular customers”.

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Into the future, Montaña says she aims, “To continue growing and open up new markets in different countries, and also to continue working to extend the collection with new products”.


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