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NEUE BLACK :: B.E. Architecture

NEUE BLACK :: B.E. Architecture
NEUE BLACK :: B.E. Architecture
NEUE BLACK :: B.E. Architecture

By Kate Cole

Broker Marshall Condon had spent his entire working life in the city, and when scouting for premises to set up his Neue Black offices, he was keen for a change.

Profile Marshall Condon“We found that a large percentage of our target audience worked in the city and lived in the South Yarra area, and it was important that our offices are convenient for our clients to get to. I also needed an empty shell so that I could do a fit out that was of the standard I wanted for the business”.

Marshall made contact with B.E. Architecture through a referral from a client of theirs. Based in Prahran, B.E. have over twenty years experience in residential and commercial spaces, and take a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses furniture, lighting and object design. B.E. have had their work showcased in over forty publications in the past two years alone, and are renowned for their elegant, modern designs.

“We wanted an architect that had a luxury background but put a different spin on the materials” says Marshall. “We were after a specific feel so that when clients came to the office they knew that the look and feel were well considered, which set a standard for the service they expect from us”.

Although designed with sophisticated finishes, the open-plan layout creates a relaxed atmosphere, more like a studio than an office. The windows are adorned with noir-era black venetians, which pair with downlights and mid-century inspired standard lamps to create a subtle, sultry Mad Men ambience. The star of the layout is the irregular patterned steel-framed glass walls that divide the space into rooms, evoking the modernist work of artists such as Mondrian. The frosted glass panels on the walls create a sense of privacy while still maintaining an open-plan feel.

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“The open plan space was one aspect that I was big on in the design phase as this enables everyone to interact with each other in a great way. The open work room allows the staff to feel connected with each other and improves learning since we can speak to each other”.

The addition of inbuilt speakers and a music streaming system allows the staff to select music while working, “which I’m sure has improved not only productivity but the happiness of our staff”.

B.E. have “delivered phenomenally”, says Marshall. “Not only were the choices of materials impeccable, the smaller details down to the lamps really finish the space off. Our customers constantly comment on the great feel they get from the space, so the fit out has certainly delivered to provide a professional, elegant space”.

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