Spring Cleaning Tips with Woolworths

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By Dani Wales

I recently joined forces with Woolworths to discover new ideas for Spring Cleaning. First and foremost on my Spring Cleaning agenda is a pantry and fridge cleanout.


A well stocked, clean and organised pantry and fridge is the key to a functional and healthy kitchen and generally this task is always part of my Spring Cleaning ritual. Not only will a regular clean out ensure there are no out of date products, open packets of food attracting bugs and spilt sauces but it will also contribute to reducing your food wastage.

A solution for keeping pantry items like pasta and cereal fresher for longer is to store them in sealable containers. This allows the contents to be easily seen and accessed avoiding unnecessary purchases of the same items. It will also keep any nasty bugs at bay. My go to containers have always been Sistema Plasticware. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your every pantry and fridge need.

I constantly find myself throwing away cut foods stored in the fridge that no longer appear fresh. This includes avocado that has gone brown in the fridge before you can finish eating it. A tip to keeping cut avocadoes fresh and appealing is to store them in the fridge in a sealed container with a small slice of brown onion. I’ve literally been living on avocadoes this year and my avo of choice is none other than the Hass Avocado.

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