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Treetop Residence :: Sally Caroline

Treetop Residence :: Sally Caroline
Treetop Residence :: Sally Caroline

By Kate Cole

Melbourne-based Sally Caroline Klopper is a versatile and meticulous interior designer who offers design services for commercial premises and private homes. A recently completed project in Melbourne known as ‘Treetop Residence’ is a unique favourite of ours.

1_sally_carolineKlopper’s clients often travel to Hong Kong and Singapore on business trips and wanted their home to emulate the luxury hotels they’d enjoyed on their travels. They requested for the colour scheme to consist only of “deep and moody hues”, and that they wanted “only the bed linen and bath tub to be white”.

“I was excited by the brief” says Klopper. “It’s not often clients opt for the darker moody tones and it’s a fun area to play with”. Once the client had prepared a basic brief, “they put full faith in our team which created that collaborative relationship that we love. We’re always inspired by our clients first and foremost”.

After receiving the brief Klopper and her team studied the way that the client used their home. This is a vital step in Klopper’s creative process, as it informs the vision for the final layout. Klopper and her team then workshopped ways to improve circulation and storage.

This approach ensures that the practical, daily needs of the client are met by the design of their home. As Klopper describes, “The existing master bedroom connected directly to the office. We decided to close this passage, create more space in the master bedroom and purposely separate work and rest areas”. The separation from the office space helped to create the restful atmosphere that they had hoped to replicate from their luxury hotel experiences.

1 Treetop Residence

“I believe strongly that the way we design spaces affects our mood and lifestyle, and the direct connection of work and rest spaces was a poor choice in the original house design. We made another entry off the hallway which made more sense”.

“As you would imagine, once the decision is made to renovate, our clients want to be living in their finished home straight away. Our focus is to make this happen as efficiently and elegantly as possible”, says Klopper, without compromising on the functionality and finishings of the home.

3 Treetop Residence

As a contrast to most interior trends which embrace the white and bright, this project was designed to showcase the warm, deep ambience that dark tones can offer without being ‘dingy’. Klopper says that the finished home “felt warm and luxurious, infused with the distinct personality of our client”.

The client was thrilled with their finished home. “After they moved in, she told me how meaningful it was to have a home that felt warm and cosy, with spaces that they couldn’t wait to get back to. I love those conversations. It’s exactly what drives our work”.4 Treetop Residence