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World of Style Launch Boutique Interior Design Service :: ID Studio

World of Style Launch Boutique Interior Design Service :: ID Studio
World of Style Launch Boutique Interior Design Service :: ID Studio
World of Style Launch Boutique Interior Design Service :: ID Studio
World of Style Launch Boutique Interior Design Service :: ID Studio

By Dani Wales

Creating amazing spaces in your new home, or renovation for that matter, is an extremely important part of the design process and whether you’re a seasoned builder/renovator a design pro or just cutting your teeth, it can go one of two ways.One, you’ll succeed and produce the interior of your dreams, or two, you’ll fail dismally and end up with a mish mash of styles and what you were hoping would be your dream home has fast become the stuff of nightmares (sheessh!). No matter how experienced you are in design, there is always room for improvement.

Well, lucky for us, design is part of the DNA at World of Style by Porter Davis and now the design experts (love that word!) are offering their interior design advice and services to home renovators and ‘DIY’ devotees looking for guidance when tackling their home makeover missions – all thanks to the launch of a new boutique interior design service called, ID Studio, available exclusively at World of Style in South Melbourne.

If you haven’t been to the World of Style showroom in South Melbourne, then seriously… you haven’t lived! It’s a super creative space which as much as it encourages your mind to run wild with possibilities, it also reigns your imagination in and places an element of ease and control around the often daunting task of making selections for your new build or reno project.

“ID Studio is the natural evolution of Porter Davis’ and World of Style’s services; offering everyone a boutique service with the backing of a respected, well-known brand” says Paul Wolff, Porter Davis Director.

ID Studio is based on the mantra of ‘creating beautiful and liveable spaces’ and the interior design service offers clients access to a fully qualified interior designer who works collaboratively to help reimagine a single room or an entire home for a client in a tailored approach that ensures their home is the ultimate expression of who they are.

Too often, we end up with spaces that don’t connect and the overall feeling of our home can end up quite conflicting. We turn to experts for many other areas of our lives to ensure we get the best possible result, so it makes perfect sense to do the same when it comes to designing our home.


Home Style Makeovers

Love the Classic Hamptons look? Or maybe you’re more New York? Sometimes we are just wanting to refresh and reimagine one room or our entire home and need guidance achieving a new style that is well considered. ID Studio offers a bespoke styling service that is centred around creating a home that is the ultimate expression of you, however large or small. Hallelujah!


Tired of your kitchen? Want a bathroom makeover? ID Studio helps to uncover your personal style to make informed styling recommendations for colour schemes, wallpaper selections, window treatments and exterior and interior selections including bricks, floors, cabinetry, benchtops and tapware. ID Studio provides renovators with a personalised selections folio so you can see your reno through to completion. Even though ID Studio is not involved in project managing the renovation works, it gives you the right information and know how to produce a space you can be proud of.


Building with Porter Davis

Confused about whether you’re more Classic, Contemporary, Designer or Resort? Meeting with ID Studio before your World of Style selections appointment will direct your style decisions at the World of Style showroom including your exterior and interior design selections, lighting and electrical needs, window treatments, and wallpaper selections. Or you can even use ID Studio to complete your home with full home styling services including furniture, décor and artwork to ensure your home is the ultimate expression of yourself and achieves a harmonious feeling.

ID Studio is a pretty darn great addition to an already stellar offering and the perfect way to know that your project will be completed just the way you imagined. For information about ID Studio and to download a brochure, head to the World of Style website.

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